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Nabby News

Extra Extra! Read all about it in the Nabby News!

A long-standing Nabby tradition, the Nabby News is published weekly and features all that you need to know about our camp experience. Staff profiles, Group Scoop, Epic event recaps, important dates for parents and tons of great photos!

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Get To Know Junior Camp Program Director Mike Vogt

Nabby NewsWe are so proud of our entire Nabby staff and want to introduce you to many of the dedicated educators your children will meet while at camp. First up is Mike Vogt, our Program Director for Junior Camp. Mike has been a physical education teacher for 25 years and brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to his role at Nabby.

Tell Us A Little Bit About Your History At Nabby And What Your Role Involves?
This summer will be my fourth at Nabby. In addition to overseeing the Junior Camp, I’m involved in staff training, development and evaluation, ensure safety protocols are followed, attend Nabby open houses, and contribute various ideas to improve the camp program.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working At Nabby?
The family atmosphere at Nabby is wonderful. I really enjoy working with our dedicated staff to ensure a special camp experience that all camps strive for, but is often difficult to accomplish.

Your Two Children Are Nabby Campers – It Must Be Fun To See Them Throughout The Day! What’s Been Your Proudest Moment As A Nabby Dad?
My daughters didn’t know any campers before they attended, but after the first day, they had the biggest smiles on their faces, developed friendships and on the short drive home, said, “this was the most fun they have ever had at camp.”

One Of Our Favorite Days At Camp Is Superhero Day. If You Could Have A Super Power, What Would It Be And Why?
I would love to have the power of flying because I would never have to wait in traffic, go on vacation easier, and get to Nabby in a matter of seconds!

We Hear Your Dog Bernie Is Quite Special – Can You Tell Us More About Bernie And How He Became The Mascot At Your School?
Bernie is almost 5 years old, was born on Long Island, and is the typical English Bulldog who loves to sleep. His favorite foods are apples and peanut butter, but will drool everywhere if not given to him fast enough. As mascot for the Brookside School, Bernie participates in many school activities (picture day at school, last day of school, etc) and LOVES coming into school with me. There is not a day that goes by when a student asks, “When is Bernie coming in next?” So, the feeling is mutual.

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