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Health & Safety

Covid-19 Information

While the summer of 2020 had it’s share of challenges, we opened for a six-week camp program and had a fun, safe and healthy summer! Our experience operating last summer provided invaluable learning and allowed us to develop plans to safely operate and mitigate COVID-19 risk, so your children can have the fun summer they need.

While we plan for a variety of scenarios for Summer 2021, our best practices and key learnings from last summer included the following:

  • Medical Oversight – We partnered with our local AFC Urgent Care and camp doctor Dr. Gupta, for pre-camp testing for staff and on-call service for all campers and staff during the camp season. We hired an additional nurse and moved our infirmary outdoors to further ensure our campers health and safety.
  • Staff Training – We trained all staff with information on COVID-19, both in terms of policy and procedures designed to keep everyone safe while at Nabby as well as away from camp.
  • Group Sizes – We limited group size to minimize interactions and create contained “pods”. Our stand alone bunks for each group allowed for increased privacy and safety.
  • Health Screening – Screening procedures were in place and our staff was screened daily at Nabby. All campers were screened and temperatures recorded prior to their daily arrival at Camp.
  • Masks & Social Distancing – Both face coverings (mandatory for all counselors and for children while indoors) and physical distancing procedures were in place to ensure safety.
  • Outdoor Play & Open Air Facilities – Our camp activities were almost exclusively outdoors with activities ranging from music to nature to gymnastics all enjoyed outside. We benefit from multiple open-air facilities that allow us to program activities safely, even on rainy days.
  • Bathrooms – Nabby features 8 modernized restrooms in locations throughout the camp that are well maintained and cleaned throughout the day.
  • Program and Schedule Modifications – All activities/events were re-evaluated and adjustments were made as necessary to ensure they adhered to our safety standards. We unfortunately had to postpone a few Nabby traditions due to overlapping pods, but were able to modify many other camp favorites including Spirit Week, Theme Days and special entertainers.
  • Cleaning – We increased the number of cleanings throughout the day for all commonly used, high touch areas and surfaces.
  • Hygiene – We reinforced proper hand washing techniques and required both counselors and campers to wash their hands regularly throughout the day. We added a water washing station and had liquid hand sanitizer available throughout camp.
  • Water Safety – Our multiple pools and large pool allowed us to maintain instructional swim as well as free swim for all campers – with ample room for safe play in the water.
  • Snack/Lunch – We reconfigured our dining hall to allow for proper distancing and we also increased outdoor dining with additional picnic tables.

As we monitor Covid-19 developments this winter and spring, we will continue to adhere to all guidance and recommendations provided by the CDC, American Camp Association and the Westchester County Department of Health. We appreciate your cooperation and trust in our summer program.

To learn more about our 2020 protocols, view the Playbook.


"I just wanted to reach out to share how happy I am that we decided to send Zack to Nabby. Each day he came back and “had the best day ever!!” I feel so lucky that during these crazy times I can give him this experience – thanks to you and Joe for all the hard work you are doing. It’s so meaningful."

Shauna L. , Chappaqua

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for giving the kids a great summer. With so much uncertainty in the world, and so many events canceled, you guys have really brought fun and joy back into the kids lives. I really cannot begin to thank you for everything you have done in these incredibly trying times! So, many thanks again for a great summer."

Tory M., Chappaqua

"Camp has been amazing for our kids. What a difference it has made in the kids and our lives. We can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and perseverance!"

Kelly M., Briarcliff Manor

"Thank you so much for running such a terrific program in this crazy year! My kids had a blast this summer and it was SO GOOD for them to get outside and hang out with friends. THANK YOU!"

Jessica M., Crompond

"Wonderful program and staff. Thanks for a great summer experience. Although it was different this year and parents were unable to be as involved as I’m they are in normal summers, I could tell by how happy my child was that the camp is the best."

Lindsay Y., Briarcliff Manor

"My family has always had an outstanding experience. Love the variety of activities. Communication is outstanding and impressive especially compared to other experiences. Camp Nabby did a phenomenal job this summer implementing safety protocols for campers and staff."

Julie A., Pleasantville

"It was such a wonderful experience in such an uneasy time. We are truly grateful that camp could run this summer, it created so much fun and kept the kids healthy, while having fun. Thank you so much!"

Beth C., Cortlandt Manor

"Our girls LOVED Camp Nabby. It seems like a sweet, nurturing, supportive camp that is really focused on the kids. We will be back next year!"

Stephanie W., Garrison

"It was the highlight of our summer after many months of quarantine. Thank you so much for making it safe and fun where my kids could flourish. We are grateful."

Sam S., Croton

"Thank you for such a great summer! It was by far the highlight of an otherwise dark year. Camp made my son feel normal, and life feel normal. He had so much fun it was great for him to be around kids his own age and just be a kid!"

Allison G., Yorktown Heights

This will be the third year my granddaughter attends Camp Nabby. I am so grateful to have found a place that she absolutely loves! She has become more confident, expressive, social and is experiencing wonderful friendships. Thank you Camp Nabby for making such meaningful memories for her.


“Today was my daughter's first day at Camp Nabby. I cannot express how happy and impressed with Amanda we are. She impressed us from day one...We are so happy we chose Camp Nabby!”

Kaylynn H., Mohegan Lake

“Thanks for running such a fabulous camp—I can't believe after all these years they still come home so enthusiastic about their day—(and they are going into 8th grade!).”

Sara L., Croton

"The kids are LOVING camp! This is the first summer they come home happy! Thanks! (new nabby campers)."

Stacy G., Chappaqua

Health & Safety
Health & Safety
Health & Safety