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Get To Know Us

It is our goal to make sure every family feels comfortable, even familiar, with our facilities and staff before the summer starts. To realize this effort we put together a bunch of ways to get to know us better during the year—making the summer transition easy, fun and less intimidating for new campers.

Besides our scheduled events we’re always available to meet at the camp office during drop-in hours. Just give us a heads up first so we know you’re coming over.

And, if you’re so inclined, send us suggestions about how to get involved in your neighborhood; we’re always open to new ideas! Give us a call or contact our Program Director, Matt, to leave a tip. We love finding new ways to interact with current and future Nabbers.

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Family Day

However, we strongly encourage all families to swing by to say hello and pick up their bags, shirts and towels. We are open every Saturday in June, from 11:00-1:00 for parents to come visit. During this time families are free to picnic, play, and interact with our staff.

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After Hours (in-season)

We reserve one special night to get the parents involved. Daddy Dodgeball gives fathers a fun excuse to let out their inner camper.

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Local Events

You can find most of our upcoming activities on our shared Nabby events calendar—and we’ll do our best to keep this section of the website current too. If you have an idea, just let us know!

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Event Calendar

We participate in a ton of local events and a few sports leagues, too. Make sure to stop by to say hello, or maybe just collect some Scooter stickers!


This will be the third year my granddaughter attends Camp Nabby. I am so grateful to have found a place that she absolutely loves! She has become more confident, expressive, social and is experiencing wonderful friendships. Thank you Camp Nabby for making such meaningful memories for her.


“Today was my daughter's first day at Camp Nabby. I cannot express how happy and impressed with Amanda we are. She impressed us from day one...We are so happy we chose Camp Nabby!”

Kaylynn H., Mohegan Lake

“Thanks for running such a fabulous camp—I can't believe after all these years they still come home so enthusiastic about their day—(and they are going into 8th grade!).”

Sara L., Croton

"The kids are LOVING camp! This is the first summer they come home happy! Thanks! (new nabby campers)."

Stacy G., Chappaqua