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I was so excited to announce #campchat yesterday that I totally forgot to introduce myself!

My name is Joe Bertino (Junior or JJ or @jjbert or “not my dad”) and I’m the son of Camp Nabby directors, Joe & Rita Bertino. My parents have graciously entrusted me to run their communications, a position that I plan to take very playfully and purposefully—we take this approach with most everything at Nabby.

I’m writing this post from the Matching Half Cafe in San Francisco’s ultra-foggy panhandle district. I moved to the west coast 3 years ago to pursue a Master’s degree in Creative Strategy at the Academy of Art University. I’m not entirely sure what that means either, but after adventures in both advertising and tech I’m ready for a new challenge. Plus, I get to work with my parents! They are the most hardworking, dedicated and caring people on earth and the sole reason that Camp Nabby is still thriving after 73 years.

What do I know about camp? A lot, actually. I attended Camp Nabby for 10 years and I was a counselor for 6 years after that. I’ve helped out in a variety of ways over the last few years too.

That’s about all the self-promotion I can take. I’m looking forward to meeting new camp friends and learning as much as I can along the way. See you out there.

[Picture: Swim lesson with Dad // Camp Nabby, 1988]

[Update: I moved! I’m back in New York, splitting time between the city and Mohegan Lake.]

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