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Like most small businesses, we’ve been playing catch up when it comes to social media. Some networks make sense for our camp and others just don’t, but we’re always on the lookout for emerging platforms and new ways to connect with the camping community (by the way, take a moment to follow our new Nabby News Tumblr!).

Heading into 2013 we’re looking to get a bit more out of our Twitter account; we use it sparingly to monitor trends in camping and parenting. It’s a powerful tool and we’re making an effort to get more involved—you know, socially.

But it’s become painfully obvious that making friends on Twitter is a full-time job. Instead of doing that, which sounds quite lovely actually, I thought it would be convenient to create a dedicated time slot to chat it up with other camp-minded folks.

So, let’s do this. On Wednesday, 10/3 at 12pm PST / 3pm EST I’ll be hosting a 30-minute Twitter Chat to talk about all things camp. But we can just call it #campchat. If you’re not familiar with this format you should click here.

If you are, please help me spread the word! For the first theme it might be fun to cover social media: what’s working, what’s not, and how you think camps can leverage new, connected platforms.

If all goes well, we’ll learn something new and maybe make a few friends in the process. Kinda sounds like camp, doesn’t it?

So to recap:

What: #campchat hosted by @CampNabby

When: Wed, 10/3 @ 12pm pst

Where: Here or any Twitter client, just look for the hashtag #campchat

Why: To meet and learn from new camp friends

Questions or suggestions? Just leave us a comment below.

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