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Fall Reading List

It is our job to improve the summer experience for our campers, and that includes adding new wrinkles to the program every season. And what better way is there to broaden our knowledge than to ask other members of the camp community (especially considering how easy it is—I’m looking at you, Twitter)!

While we remain intent on putting together one of the very best physical education programs in the country, we still need to jam our faces in books from time to time. I was curious to know what other directors/camp enthusiasts have been reading, so I sent out a tweet asking for some suggestions. So far I’ve received some great feedback. Thanks to Dan Weir, Jay Gilbert and Joe Richards for chiming in!

The list is young. I’ll do my best to keep it updated. Check it:

Anyone else? If you have a suggestion (doesn’t have to be camp specific, but should be applicable to camp life) feel free to leave me a tip in the comments.


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