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Why We’re Excited For The Tri-State Camp Conference


We’re mentally prepared and ready to party. Watch out Atlantic City, Camp Nabby is coming to town.

This year I’ll be joining my mom and dad to promote northern westchester’s finest summer day camp at the Tri-State Camp Conference. Even better, we convinced Rikki (Program Director, Special Events) to come along by describing the conference as “crazy”, “wild” and “MUCH BETTER THAN SXSW!”.

But seriously, we’re super excited for this year’s event. How excited? Two lists worth! Check’em out below and make sure to stop by the Nabby News next week for more pics and stories.

Things we’re excited about:

  1. Camp People – Since taking over the Camp Nabby twitter account, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a bunch of interesting, passionate camp people. But, I barely know any of them in-person. I’m hoping that changes and I get to match a few names and faces.
  2. Product Demos – I’ve been pretty vocal about this one, but we’re looking for a better way to register campers and access our enrollment info on the go. Since our buddies at Firefly won’t be in attendance we’re anxious to test drive a few other software companies.
  3. Gaga It’s all the rage. Obviously. We’re interested to meet/speak with a few gaga pit vendors to compare materials, dimensions, etc. If things work out we might have a new activity this summer.
  4. Social Media Lounge – I think I’ve attended an OnSwitch webinar, so I have an idea of the content that will be made available. What I don’t know is how “social” this “lounge” will be. Reviews to come!
  5. Freebies – Coffee. Merch. Hook us up!

Talks we’re excited about:

  1. Intro to Lifelong Play / Imagination at Play – I cannot stress how important it is for us to always, always, always encourage and develop opportunities for play. This sounds like a good match for our core values.
  2. Why Your Camp Exists Simon Sinek is cool. Circles are cool. Existential talks are cool.
  3. Innovation Communication – This talk should be filled with uncomfortable stuff to think about. And I love it. We need to do a better job of baking innovation into our programs at camp. Maybe this talk will help provide some guidance.
  4. Engaging with Camp Families – This is important. We’re working hard to establish a more consistent, informative line of communication with parents, campers and staff. I hope this is much more than just a “Twitter 101” talk.
  5. Cultivating Creativity – The description mentions thinking “outside the box.” I hope the talk is a bit more creative than that. Sound promising though.

Going to be in AC? Wanna chat? Leave a comment below or send us a note on Twitter.


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