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What We Learned At Tri-State: Inspiration And Next Steps


[Creepy photo eye! Yikes!]

Another Tri-State Camp Conference in the books! This time, however, we had a crew to soak up the awesome. Mom, dad, Rikki and I attended a bunch of sessions, chatted with camp directors, and played with stuff in the expo hall. We left impressed, and excited for summer.

From what I can tell there were three main sources of inspiration:

For Rikki, Games & Play

These were the most engaging sessions offered during the conference. You could always tell when Rikki came back from one too, because she would be covered in glitter and overflowing with ideas (btw, I have your glue/ribbon things in my bag). We’re excited to see what Rikki cooks up working with the LITs this summer. Overall, the emphasis on games and play was pretty obvious. It’s a good reminder that this trend has a bit more depth to it—not to mention it helps reinforce the playfulness of the job at hand.

For Dad, Gaga Ball

He placed an order! Gaga ball is happening this summer, so start stretching. This activity, if you can even call it that, is bigger than I thought. Want proof? Check out the huge court that was dead-center in the expo hall. We’re talking about grown men and women locked in an octagon, swatting a ball at each other; it’s actually hysterical to watch. This is the real deal, folks.

For Mom & I, Staff Orientation

We sat through a really great presentation from fellow Westchester camp person, Gregg Licht. His talk, “Orientation From Scratch,” got us thinking about revamping the way we approach our staff meetings. This is a good thing. People learn and absorb information differently, and we can do a much better and more thorough job by tweaking our delivery.

All-in-all it was a really great week in AC. We’re excited about a few secret ideas that will impact our special events at camp, but those will have to wait for now. Yes, that’s a teaser. Stay tuned. And give us a shout if you have any questions!

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