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Take a Tour!

Touring a camp is the best way to see all the great things a camp has to offer.  Everyone’s needs are different, go see for yourself what works best for you and your family.


Camp Nabby Pool

  • Tour Early – Booking your tour early allows you and your family to choose the date that works best for you and leaves plenty of time to take advantage of early enrollment incentives and time to see other camps if need be.
  • Bring the Kids – It’s always best to bring your kids so they can see the camp too, and the directors (or tour guide) can meet your kids and help with questions you may have.  Consider the time of day and your child’s energy level and attention span. Dress comfortably and make sure kids are well-fed and hydrated.
  • Smiles – If you’re touring during camp season, observe other campers and staff, look for smiles and happy faces.
  • Research – Always visit the camps web site before you tour.  Know some facts about the camp, and prepare your questions ahead of time.  
  • Limit Amount of Tours – Limit the amount of tours per day.  1 is ideal, maybe 2. Downtime between tours is helpful, gather thoughts, and don’t overdo it.
  • Know the Directors –  Make sure they are available to be at your tour.  It is important that you get to know the people who are running the camp.  Find out the directors beliefs and camp philosophy and make sure you feel comfortable.

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