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Helpful News from Ranger Rick….

Helpful News from Ranger Rick….Bears!

With so many sightings of bears in Westchester, we thought it would be great to ask Rick what to do if you encounter a Bear?

If you see a bear in your backyard:

  • If you’re inside, stay there.  Don’t try to go out for a quick picture, it’s safest to stay in.
  • If you’re outside, try not to panic, don’t run, walk very slowly to a safe location and never approach the Bear.

How to make them scram:

  • Bears hate loud noises!  Calling them names won’t work, but try blowing an air horn, bang some pots and pans or ring loud bells.
  • How to not attract them in the first place:
  • Bears love bird seed, bring in all bird feeders at night.
  • Keep your grill clean, burn off any residue after cooking.
  • Don’t leave garbage out overnight, take it out in the morning before pick-up.
  • Don’t leave pet food outside in bowls.
  • Be aware of any trees and plants in your yard that produce fruits and vegetables.  Do not allow these yummy treats to fall and rot on the ground…snack time for bears!

Rick recommends calling Mianus River Gorge in Bedford NY 914-234-3455 to report any bear sightings.  They research, track the bears distance, and are concerned with their well being.


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