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Scooter’s Story: How To Bring A Mascot To Life


Now this is a stuffed animal! Our friends over at Hazel Village hooked us up with the most impressive deer we’ve ever seen. Made with nothing but love, Scooter B. Nabatoff is finally three-dimensions of red, felty softness.

In April I approached the owner of HV, Jane, about bringing our mascot to life; I stumbled across a fox at Yoya earlier that month and couldn’t stop thinking how great it would be to get a custom deer.

She eagerly took us up on the challenge and provided us with a sketch a few days later.


[Gotta love the attention to detail with the white spots on the butt!]

After a couple of wardrobe tweaks, Scooter was born. We’re excited to have a new face in the office. Make sure to stop by and take a pic with the new king of camp!

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