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#CampChat, 10/10/2012

Another topic, another great chat. Today we tackled what it means to work, live or play in this crazy world called camp. I was curious to find out how others in the business define camp and how it has shaped who they are today. You can check out the abridged version below, or pop over to our Storify page for the full convo.

  • Camp is challenging
  • Camp makes people better
  • Camp is the real, “real world”
  • Camp is movement, play, cooperation, creativity & willingness to try
  • Camp is a safe place
  • Camp is a supportive, welcoming community
  • Camp is a huge extended family
  • Camp is where you can grow into your real self
  • Camp is finding faith and making friends
  • Camp is where confidence grows
  • Camp is cool
  • Camp is for mosquito bites, sunburns and skinned knees
  • Camp is for dirty clothes
  • Camp is exhausting
  • Camp is for open minds

Pretty nice range of definitions. I guess what’s important to take away from this is that it doesn’t matter how we define camp. What matters most is that we let each and every camper (or staffer) come to their own conclusion; the experience is meaningful and educational in a variety of ways.

Join us next week. Same time, same place (Wednesdays @ 12pm PST).

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