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10 Questions With New Special Events Program Director, Rikki Saperstein


[It’s official, the cutest former camper award goes to…]

Welcome to another Camp Nabby Q&A! Our guest this time is Rikki Saperstein, Program Director of Special Events. Since Rikki is taking on a new role this summer, we thought a little catch up would be nice. Not only that, but after traveling down to Atlantic City for Tri-State we’re curious to learn what new tips or tricks she’s excited to unleash at camp this summer.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your Camp Nabby history? How long you’ve been here? What positions you’ve held?

A: My Nabby history starts 20 years ago when I first attended Nabby as a Cub and continued through till Cornell. I then went to sleep away camp for a number of summers but that couldn’t stop me from coming back to Nabby. I have been working at Nabby for the past 5 summers and have held a number of positions. I first worked in the pool as a swim instructor for two summers. Then I got the boot out of the pool and worked as an assistant counselor for the Jackson girls for a summer. I then was a co-head counselor for the Barnard girls for a summer and then a head counselor for Jackson again. Now, I am the program director of special events.

Q: So, you’re a Program Director this year. What the heck does that mean?

A: Hah! If/when you figure this one out—let me know! Just kidding. This means that I will be overseeing a number of departments this summer. I will be designing fun entertainment for morning announcements and overseeing all of the specialists, special events and fun days at Nabby. I will also be the mentor for the LITs, a brand new program designed for our campers that are too old for camp but yet to young to be a CIT. I will help them understand what is like to be the best counselor they can be and then graduate them from LIT to CIT.

Q: You were down at Tri-State, what was that like?

A: In one word: amazing. In a few more words: I loved it. I thought it was a great experience and really allowed me to see the whole camp world from a different perspective. I have been a camper/counselor for literally my entire life and this just added the next step along the way. I got to attend some great workshops and learned plenty of new games to implement this summer. It was a really fun time and I can’t wait to go back next year. It was a real eye-opener in the best way possible and I hope to use what I learned in those 3 days for this summer and summers to come.

Q: What are you most excited about this summer?

A: I’m really excited to see how this new role plays out in our camp. We have never had someone in this position so the possibilities are endless. One of my goals for this summer is to have great entertainment in the mornings so that each day starts off fun and exciting.

Q: What are you up to when you’re not at Camp Nabby? Jobs? Hobbies? Rock collections?

A: Currently, I am in Graduate School getting my Masters in Science in Teaching. Yes, that means I am trying to become a teacher. When I am not in school you can probably find me at the Tavern at Croton Landing where I waitress a couple days a week. I also tutor, teach Zumba and babysit. I also enjoy hanging out with friends, watching tv, traveling and taking pictures. In the winter I love to snowboard and in the summer, well you guessed it I love camp. Sadly, I was never into collecting rocks, however I do/did collect snow globes from everywhere I traveled. This was a lot easier to do when I was younger, so now I just collect tchotchkes from the places I’ve been. I like them because they are a little piece of the place that I visited to remind me of the great experience I had there.

Q: Zumba, eh? So can you confirm a rumor that you’re thinking about hosting a session for parents?

A: I can and I will! You heard it right, this summer I will be hosting a Zumba night for parents during the 7th week of camp. This will be a great opportunity for counselors, moms and dads, novice Zumba-ers or experienced Zumba go-ers to come out for a fun night of Latin-inspired dance workout. If you have never tried Zumba this will be a great way to see what its like and if you already love Zumba why not try out a new instructor! I promise you’ll have fun and workout at the same time so make sure to bring your dancing shoes and clothes you’re not afraid to sweat in because it can get rigorous!

Q: If you could have one super power what would it be? Why?

A: For all of you Harry Potter fans out there then you will understand this reference—if I had one super power I would love to be able to Apparate. For all of you non-Harry Potter fans (although, I don’t know how this could be because Harry Potter is amazinggg) this means having the ability to travel anywhere at anytime just by snapping your fingers. I would love to be able to just snap and poof; I’m somewhere else in a matter of a second. Imagine being able to do that? Like one minute your just sitting on your couch and the next you could be anywhere! Anywhere! You could apparate a mile away or a thousand miles, regardless it wouldn’t take long.

Q: Favorite TV show of all-time?

A: Oh man, this might be the hardest of all these questions. I love TV and watching TV shows and get addicted to TV shows a bit too easily. But to pick just one? Ugh, you’re killing me smalls, I don’t think I can, I like too many.

Q: I asked John this question too, but if you’re on stage at a karaoke competition what’s your go-to song?

A: If you have ever heard me sing, you know that I shouldn’t be doing karaoke at any time. But if I had to sing one song, it would probably be any song from Rent—only because I know every word to that musical.

Q: Grand slam or slam dunk?

A: Definitely Grand slam. Although I am tall I was never and still not good at basketball. Softball/baseball that’s another story. I’ve been playing that since I was in middle school and if you ask any of my teammates on the Cortlandt Youth Softball team, they can tell you I actually did hit a grand-slam in 8th grade during one of our games. Slam Dunk on the other hand, we could add that to my list of goals for this summer.

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