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Here’s The Deal With #CampChat

Here's The Deal With #CampChat

[Editor’s note: This is my last Gene reference for a while. I promise.]

Over the last month or so I’ve been chatting with other folks in the camp community. Not on the phone or in-person, that would be crazy, but on Twitter. We’ve had some really interesting conversations too, 6 to be exact. You can read them all here.

But the weekly format has proved to be a bit too much—for me and for others. At first it felt necessary to get things off the ground, but it’s simply not sustainable.

What does that mean? Is #campchat going away? Why is this section in italics?

CampChat is not going away, it’s just getting bumped. Instead of a weekly chat, I’m planning on hosting it once a month. What does that mean for the loyalists?

  • Longer Format – If we only chat once a month, we might as well do it right. Instead of a frantic 30 minutes of chatter, let’s set aside an hour to have a real conversation.
  • Better Topics – With a month to prep you can expect more a more focused Q&A format that digs into the topics that matter most. Each chat will feature 5 questions that relate to that week’s central theme.
  • Smarter Promotion – The camp groups on Facebook & LinkedIn bring up a ton of topics, all of which will help set the agenda on Twitter, but I need some help convincing others that a real-time conversation is a better conversation. I can look into making a badge or something shareable, but simply inviting friends to join is a step in the right direction. I’m always open to suggestions too.
  • Richer Recaps – I promise to do more than blast a storify update. With a meaty conversation, I’ll have more content to play with. Hopefully this type of reflection will lead to a few insights and ideas for future conversations.
  • Greater Participation (I hope) – Let’s face it, we need to get more people involved. These chats have been really fun, but we need to see some new avatars in the mix. By switching to a monthly format, and doing a bit more recruiting, I think we’ll have a better shot at building a strong, opinionated, passionate community.

So let’s kick things off next month, on the first Wednesday of December (12/5). You can still find all the details below.

Those of you who have chatted in the past, I’m counting on you to help spread the word (and maybe sharing this post). And, as always, if you have any suggestions or questions please let me know in the comments below or by email me at jj [at] campnabby [dot] com.

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