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3 Tips For A Healthy Brown Bag Lunch [Summer Camp Style]


What does a healthy brown bag lunch look like? What are some core ingredients? We asked our friend, and registered dietitian, Carrie Aaron-Young to weigh in. She was pumped to help:

“I think this topic is so important—fueling kids with healthful foods is key to ensuring they have a successful day at Nabby!”

Great, us too. So let’s review a few simple tips for a healthy, nutrition-fueled summer!

1) Say ‘Yes’ To Whole Foods

Not the grocery store, but real whole foods! These items typically come in their “original form” and contain 5 ingredients or less (or at least ingredients you can recognize). Sorry, Butylated Hydroxyanisole and every other toxic food ingredient.

2) Skip Sugary Drinks

According to Carrie, sugar sweetened beverages are simple items to replace. “They contribute a lot of calories and no nutrition. Encourage water, seltzer, 100% fruit juice or low-fat/non-fat milk.”

No problem! This is the first summer in forever that we’re not offering a summer camp classic—bug juice. Instead, we’ll be encouraging Nabbers to drink water during snack and lunch (of course, parents can always send in alternatives for their child).

3) Make The Packaging Count

Believe it or not kids prefer meals that, gulp, appeal aesthetically to them! One suggestion is to pack lunch together. If your child participates in the decision-making process they are much more likely to eat and enjoy their food.

But remember to include the necessary balance when packing a lunch. Shoot for VGFPD or “very good food per day.” This acronym will help you remember the core components of a nutrient-rich meal, including: veggies, grains, fruits, proteins and dairy. To help illustrate we’ve assembled a wholesome example, all snazzy on a picnic blanket.


If you’re interested in reading more about this topic, Carrie recommends staying in the know by visiting

[UPDATE: BuzzFeed just posted this: “8 Foods We Eat In The U.S. That Are Banned In Other Countries.”]

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