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10 Questions With New Junior Camp Program Director, John Glashoff


A while back we posted a job description for a junior camp program director (formerly known as “head of junior camp”). As it turns out, he was right under our nose. Say hello to John Glashoff!

Since John is a new member of our leadership team here at camp, we thought we’d introduce him to the Nabby community via Q&A.

Oh boy did we grill him.

Read the full interview to find out more about John’s insatiable appetite for barbecue and karaoke crush on Garth Brooks:

Q: What do you do for work during the school year?

A: I am a physical education teacher at Frank G. Lindsey elementary school [Hendrick Hudson School District]. I also work at the town of Cortlandt Youth Center.

Q: What do you like most about working with kids?

A: I like the energy that kids bring everyday. Their energy keeps me energized.

Q: How did you end up applying for the junior camp program director position?

A: The athletic director at Hen Hud told me about the opening. I previously had a summer job for the city of Peekskill for the past 17 summers, but was a victim of budget cuts. I am very excited to start working at Nabby; what a beautiful camp!

Q: Is there a sport or activity at camp that you consider yourself a “specialist” in?

A: I coach baseball, softball and basketball. Those sports have always been my favorites.

Q: Which theme day are you most excited about?

A: Mustache Monday because I already have one. All of the theme days look like a lot of fun.

Q: Who would win in a one-on-one basketball game, you or big Joe?

A: If the game was played to 5, I like my chances. If the game was played to 15, I would have to favor big Joe. He looks like he’s in better shape than me. If we do play this summer I should start practicing now. I don’t like losing.

Q: Any predications for this year’s apache relay?

A: I think the team that finished first will win (get it?). I have to see the relay first to get a better appreciation for it. I hear it’s a lot of fun.

Q: Let’s say you’re on stag at a karaoke competition, what’s your go-to song?

A:Friends in low places” by Garth Brooks, or most Toby Keith songs.

Q: Who is your favorite athlete of all-time?

A: Baseball, Derek Jeter. Football, Curtis Martin. Basketball, Walt Frazier. Hockey, 1980 Olympic team. Wrestling, Triple H.

Q: Hamburger or hot dog?

A: Two of each, with extra ketchup.

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