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Camp Nabby is a traditional day camp that offers sports and creative activities for children between the ages of 3 1/2 to 13. Our full camp season runs 8 weeks in the summer, from late June through mid August, and can be customized to reflect family needs. 

Our Philosophy

If you ever sit-in on a staff meeting or listen to Joe speak to a counselor you’ll hear the following phrase: “It’s all about the kids.” He must say it at least once a day.

This isn’t just a fun rallying cry; it’s a way of thinking. And it influences how we approach just about everything here at camp. We work year-round to shape our programs, our schedules and our staff to reflect the simple reality that camp revolves around happy campers, and nothing else.


We have 26 groups at Camp Nabby, each one named after a college or university. Why? Well, when Frank Bertino took over in 1970, after being a coach and teacher for 44 years, I guess you could say that he had student-athletes on the brain. Anyway, the names stuck and we’ve kept them the same ever since.


Each group has an assigned schedule to ensure equal parts athletics and creative group activities. Throughout a regular camp day, counselors will determine the best use of field space and designated play areas; the staff is encouraged to mix things up to keep campers active and engaged.


Super Hero


For children between the ages of 3 1/2 to 4 1/2

About Pre-K

Our Pre-K program is composed of a co-ed group of children 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 years of age. We have designed a highly specialized schedule to enhance the social benefits of a young, developing child.

The activities for this age group including soccer, hockey and other ball skills, take place on our fields and courts scaled for age appropriateness. Our other activities include specials in nature, art, music and gymnastics, all of which are taught by our specialty counselors in indoor, covered facilities.

We provide young children an opportunity to participate in the fun and excitement of a full summer camp experience while promoting their social skills and self-confidence under the supervision of our mature staff.

The Cubhouse

The Cubhouse is a wonky looking building that’s filled with enough personality to match our littlest campers. During the day the cubhouse is used as a shared bunk where campers store their bags and change for swim. And sometimes, when it rains, we use it to watch movies and tell stories! 


A day in the life of a pre-k camper is never dull. From instructional swim, in our heated 3-feet deep small pool, to basketball and other activities, our campers have the opportunity to do just as much as everyone else at camp. But don’t worry, we always make time for a snack, a rest, or even a nap.


We require a certified elementary school teacher to lead our Pre-K group. In addition, we make sure to maintain a 4:1 camper-staff ratio to ensure that each child is cared for and nutured throughout the day. This ratio is even higher during swim periods where we have certified swim staff on duty at all times. 


Junior Camp

For children between the ages of 4 1/2 to 8 1/2

About Junior Camp

Our junior camp program is designed to keep your child moving throughout the day and deeply engaged in a variety of sports and activities. This program, for children between the ages of 4 1⁄2 - 8 1⁄2, is specifically designed as an introduction to teamwork and technique. Whether it’s learning how to properly shoot a basketball or which direction to run on a baseball diamond, campers will be coached and encouraged all the way. In addition to our rigorous athletic schedule, we also expect young campers to give it their all in our special activities—nature, art, music, gymnastics and our outdoor challenge course.

By balancing our program for young children, and introducing them to a number of new challenges and friendships, we often see a boost in confidence and self-awareness. Not too bad for eight weeks!

Scaled Sports

Our scaled-to-size athletic facilities allow every camper to participate and enjoy team activities without feeling undersized or outmatched. These scaled environments make coaching rules and techniques much more fun and participatory.

Free Play

Sometimes the best way to spend time on a ball field is to invent a game. We encourage all of our staff to take advantage of our equipment room and get creative with campers. We've even added play spaces, like Imagination Playground, to encourage random acts of fun. 

Intro to Interest

As campers get older they tend to want more of their favorite activities. That’s why we offer a single interest period to all third graders (think of it as a prerequisite to senior camp), which affords them the freedom to choose their last activity of the day. Pretty sweet, huh?

Special Events

We make sure there’s something new and special every week. Sometimes that means a guest performance and sometimes that means a giant inflatable castle. We encourage all junior camp parents to download our event calendar to stay in the know (but we’ll probably email you too).



Senior Camp

For children between the ages of 8 1/2 to 13

About Senior Camp

Our senior camp program offers a bit more freedom and flexibility so that older campers (8 1/2 - 13) can take full advantage of our facilities and special interest staff. Mornings are a bit more up-tempo, usually filled with an intensive athletic rotation; for the first time each group has daily tennis instruction in addition to all other court, field and pool sports.

The afternoon session is divided into two 45-minute interest periods—selected by each camper—and one 45-minute free swim. During this time campers have the ability to interact and socialize with all other members of the senior camp.

Interest Periods

A major difference between the junior and senior program is the emphasis we place on independent social and athletic development. Our afternoon interest periods, which are broken into two consecutive 45-minute periods, allow campers to create their own schedule and socialize with campers outside of their dedicated group. These periods of play are co-ed and directed by group head counselors and activity specialists.

Away Games

Once in a while we’ll schedule an event with another local camp—usually in softball, basketball or swimming. While we enjoy the friendly rivalry, we also understand the risks involved with bringing campers to another facility or campground. Safety is always our number one concern when these opportunities arise, and we make sure that parents are involved every step of the way.


Every Wednesday afternoon, instead of first and second interest, we host a special event involving the entire co-ed senior camp. Led by our program directors, these Wednesday traditions are a true testament to the value of teamwork and hustle. Do you have what it takes?




Programs for 14 and 15 year olds

Leader-In-Training (LIT)

Our Leader-In-Training program is designed for 14-year-old teens. It was created in 2013 to allow us to include campers too old to be in our traditional programs and yet too young to be a Counselor-In-Training—by Department of Health standards. 

Our Leader-In-Training program will combine camper activities with hands-on, situational coaching led by our Program Director of Special Events. It is our hope that our LIT participants will learn what it takes to become a full-time CIT and future member of our staff.

When registering for our LIT program please remember that the first week of camp is mandatory. The remaining 7 weeks can be selected at will. 

Counselor-In-Training (CIT)

Our Counselor-In-Training program is open to former campers, LITs and enthusiastic 15-year-old students. As a role model in camp, CITs will be assigned to a junior camp group and asked to assist head and assistant counselors daily, during all group activities.

All CITs will be expected to come to camp to learn, have fun and participate. In addition, all CITs will have one hour of free time every afternoon.

CITs are expected to attend all 8 weeks of camp. 

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